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Alison Banbury

"Equine Dynamic BodyWurks has been very helpful in assisting my developing Grand Prix Dressage horse. The muscle development has improved and tension associated with a horse training at this level has been greatly relieved through the Equine Dynamic BodyWurks system."

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Louise Spilsbury

“My TB Larry has had monthly bodywork sessions from Leslie for half a year now. She has identified areas of tension and pain in him that I wasn't aware of, and through gentle touch and manipulation has made ongoing progress in relieving his discomfort. I see an improvement in his way of going and his overall demeanour after every session. And he enjoys his treatments! He instantly relaxes and starts to yawn when she works on him.”

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Happy Clients


“I have looked after performance horses for over 30 years.  I have seen countless types of therapy systems. But nothing like this!

Witnessing the success of Leslie’s technique on several horses in this stable has been nothing short of amazing.  What a joy to see the horses improve with each session. She is patient, methodical, and addresses the horse’s entire body.

Her unique perspective as a, rider, trainer, Grand Prix competitor, coach, judge and breeder lend her a rare wealth of experiences in assessing a horse’s issues and potential.

The therapy system she uses identifies and resolves areas of pain and tension.

I am thrilled to recommend Leslie’s services to anyone wishing to help resolve issues.  It is a pleasant, non-invasive system.”

— Pat Graham
Barn Manager, Ontario


“Thank you again for taking the time to work on  Mondy...really neat stuff.  I have to say his neck looks much better.  I jumped today with my coach and he had a bascule I haven't felt before.  Look forward to more.”

— Susanne Stevenson
Foshay South, New Brunswick


I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to your fabulous BodyWurks therapy.

The horses all love it, the improvement in their way of going and ability to accept the training has been great. Generally I think you have helped them all become more supple, better athletes.   

I love having it as part of my toolbox and only wish that you treated riders! 

— Kathy Talaska


“I cannot thank you enough for your help with my warmblood gelding, Rommi. Watching you help to heal him was incredible and I saw gratitude in my horse's eyes, when he came to you for "hugs" after every session. Any horse under your care would be very lucky to have your experience and talent at work."

— Christina Marks